Types of Combined Merchandising


An employee is stationed at one point of sale for the entire working day.

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The merchandiser is not attached to a specific point of sale.

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Our service

Management of products in the warehouse

Analysis of deliveries, selection of products for display

Layout design in accordance with the client's standards or according to the planogram approved by the network

Product stocking and display, product rotation using the FIFO method

Price tags

Verification, printing, shelving, relevance check

Additional tasks set by the client

Monitoring of SKU competitors, arrangement of lightweight POSM materials

Photo documentation of accomplished work

Hotline for resolving issues

OOS/threats of OOS, product expiration, detection of defects, other issues at points of sale

Communication with retailer representatives

Generation of recommended orders, SKU classification of outflow with the merchandiser in the case of OOS /threat of OOS


Report entry to the IT SFA platform

Mobile auditing application

An innovative solution for controlling the implementation of services.



Over 28,000 points of sale in our network.


Clear and transparent quality of service delivery. Uniform standards for shelf work.


Experience implementing top IT solutions, creating convenient tools for monitoring, analytics and project management.


Our own training department capable of developing a training course for the partner's product.


Efficiency. Projects launched in 10 working days or fewer.

Technology and Innovation


Networks in our coverage

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