About us

   Leader Team is an outsourcing company that provides a wide range of services in the sphere of merchandising. Established in 2003, the Leader Team Company can now rightfully be considered as a nationwide company in terms of territory coverage with more than 50 offices in different regions of the country, as well as a leader in its market segment in terms of quality and technology of services provided. During its history, the Company has earned a high reputation for being a reliable service provider - more than 200 large and medium-sized domestic and foreign companies have been successfully cooperating with the Leader Team for many years.

  1. Founding year


    Initially, the company focused primarily on stationary merchandising. A 'Leader Tim' central office was established in Moscow, and collaboration began with a number of well-known companies, including Alice, Harris and Korkunov.

  2. The first successes


    Launch of the first major project with the SUN InBev сompany. The business began to grow rapidly as the first groups of area managers were introduced; the company began to engage in visiting merchandising in addition to stationary merchandising.

  3. New office opening


    The second company office was established in Saint Petersburg.

  4. New Directions


    This year was marked by the signing of our contract with Kimberly Clarke, which signalled the beginning of our work with retail chains. The company developed its own training department.

  5. Leader Tim's activities at the federal level


    Regional offices were opened in Siberia, the Urals, the Volga region, Kazan, Samara and Rostov.

  6. Customer base growth


    Expanded client pool with the introduction of combined merchandising. Collaboration began with a number of major clients, including Mikoyan, Campomos, Myfoods, SDS Foods and Arnest. Company business was diversified, organising the direction of dedicated teams. The first contract with Wimm-Bill-Dann was signed.

  7. Considerable staff growth


    This was especially evident given the rapid growth of field teams in Moscow.

  8. Broad application of IT solutions


    An in-house SFA solution was implemented in the field teams.

  9. Marketing and new projects


    A marketing department was formed within the structure of the company, aimed at increasing brand awareness and the company's image. The first major federal-level project with Uniliver was developed and launched. A new collective merchandising project appeared in the company's service portfolio.

  10. Formation of a new HR outsourcing department


    A new HR outsourcing department was formed in the company. One of the first major contracts with the company L`Oreal was concluded.

  11. ISO 9001


    The company was one of the first merchandising agencies to become voluntarily certified and receive an ISO 9001 certificate. Collaboration with retail chains was expanded with the launch of the OSA project with the Pyaterochka supermarket chain, a project with the Magnet supermarket chain (in the non-food category) and the METRO Cavisto project.

  12. Expansion of the direction of selected teams


    Расширение направления выделенных команд. По итогам года Компания значительно увеличивает количество контрактов.

  13. Крупный контракт HR-аутсорсинга.


    Подписание прямого контракта с компанией Huawei по направлению HR-аутсорсинг.